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The Glory of God Collection

Known for many years by his romantic landscapes of Florida’s natural wilderness, Keith Martin Johns is now beginning to be known for his multi-figurative paintings on biblical historical narrative.

MFA Thesis

The Glory of God Collection:

Our Mission
Keith Martin Johns, a professional artist for over 32 years, was led to Graceville by a vision that has taken him beyond the normal realm of being simply a regional artist. Even though his Florida Collection of paintings of over 350 images have been a lifetime endeavor to capture the worth, value and expression of the familiar Florida background in which this fourth generation native grew up, his real passion and vision is only just coming to fruition . . .

Art Tips
Chiaroscuro / Light and Shadow

In basic realistic art, whether it be drawing or painting, the fundamental essential is: knowing how to develop dimensional form by value. This is also known as perspective . . .
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Known for many years by his romantic landscapes of Florida's natural wilderness, Keith Martin Johns is now beginning to be known for his multi-figurative paintings on biblical historical narrative . . .


As a painter, Johns not only works to capture the historical significance of the narrative, but intimately unfolds the story in such a way that the viewer is confronted with the spiritual truth of the text. As he has written, "Through my art, I open visual windows to Christianity's historic past and spiritual present."


Johns paints these multi-figure oil paintings in large format on stretched canvas.  Each painting begins as a theatrical arrangement of specific characters all having something to say about the story they depict. Costumes are custom designed and characters are cast much like a dramatic performance. He directs the arrangement for lighting and effect.  


This versatile artist was born in Englewood, Florida, in 1954 in a small rural coastal town. He was born the son of a fisherman, which he writes "gave me a love for nature, along with my mother who delighted in the seashore". Johns attended Trinity College of Florida, where he earned a BA in biblical studies. He will graduate with a MFA from Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2014. He lives in Graceville Florida with his wife, Linda where the couple own and operate the Art Design Center.

Own a beautiful work of realistic art from the Florida Collection of Keith Martin Johns Fine Art. From exquisite pristine timeless landscapes filled with wildlife and birds through the backwaters of rivers and creeks to wetlands and coastal beaches, these art pieces capture the serene beauty that Florida is known for. Keith Martin Johns celebrates Viva Florida; 500 years of rich natural history and cultural heritage. Keith's work also represents the pioneer spirit of people who forged out agriculture in the citrus, fishing, cracker cattle and horse industry. Any of his work will make for the perfect accent in any home or office.

Spawned from the creative process of renowned artist, Keith Martin Johns, this natural Florida art elicits the same emotions and enticement our forefathers discovered when they first settled the land.

Take home a real piece of Florida, developed from the imagination of an artist with more than thirty years of experience creating Florida art. Explore and shop through the sites' gallery to see examples of the artwork and if a piece happens to peak your interest, our secured web store will provide a pleasant shopping experience.